Stand with Ferguson! Tell the US ambassador de-militarise the police

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Stand with Ferguson! Tell the US ambassador de-militarise the police

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On 9 August 2014 in Ferguson, United States, police officer Darren Wilson racially profiled and fatally shot unarmed, black youth. Michael Brown, 18, was walking to his grandmother's house with a friend. Eye witnesses report that Michael Brown was standing in the street with his hands in the air when Wilson fired several shots at him. Michael Brown's family and local community members are calling his death an execution. [1]

South Africa has a history of racially-motivated police violence, just like the US. Our voices matter. Just as civil rights activists in the US opposed the apartheid regime, we as South Africans must stand with the people of Ferguson and demand an end to this racism. Let's send US Ambassador to South Africa Patrick H. Gaspard and President Obama a message: We stand with the people of Ferguson and demand justice.

Injustice knows no borders. The justice system in the US- like South Africa- is failing black people. George Zimmerman faced no prison time after killing Trayvon Martin, as he walked home from buying skittles at the shops. While Eric Garner, father of six, was choked to death by NYPD officers. Enough is enough. The Ferguson community has been met with brutal riot police and martial law for demanding justice. That's why is joining to demand that President Obama stop the actions of the militarised police force before another life is lost. The people of Ferguson should be protected, not threatened with more police and guns. [2]


Dear US Ambassador Patrick H. Gaspard,

As the United States representative to South Africa, we ask that you use your position within the US government to ask President Barack Obama act decisively to end the militarised police presence in Ferguson, Missouri. South Africa and the world will not stand idly by while human rights violations continue in the US. We ask that martial law is lifted and unlawful arrests of citizens, including journalists, are put to an end.

If you believe in a better future for young black people, stand with us and make this a reality.

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